Pre-2005 Quilts 
The following are quilts I finished before 2005.  They're not posted in any particular order nor does the size of the picture reflect the size of the quilts.   More will be posted as I dig them out and get photos made. 
Redbird Quilt                                                                          9-Patch 
Made January 1995 or 96 - can't remember which.                                          Top pieced in 1997.  Quilted in 2002 (I think) 
Pattern came from Quiltmaker Magazine.    
Best Friends                                                                            Flag 
Made Summer 1995 for my friend Nancy Bird.                                                 Made Sept. 2001.  This hangs behind my desk at work. 
Pattern came from Quiltmaker Magazine.                                         
Friends Across the Ocean                                                        Hope's Hearts 
Made for a friend in Australia around 1999.                                                       Made as a wedding gift for my cousin. Mid 90's I think.  
The center of stars is a "Texas" print.                                                                 This was made with ordering swatches.  Each block is only 2".  
Hot Summer Nights                                                                  Kaleidoscope Challenge 
A Frenzy Quilt from a Billie Lauder Pattern.  2001 or 2002.                               Made for a challenge in Quiltmaker Magazine - 1996. 
This was made to hang at my office but when we moved our                               It now belongs to my sister. 
office I no longer had room to hang it.  Now it hangs on the back  
of my chair in the new office. 
Kimonas                                                                                    Mended Hearts 
Blocks pieced around 96.  Assembled and quilted in 2002.                                  Made during a February2003 Frenzy.   
Each fabric was given to me as a birthday FQ from friends on                              All of the fabrics came from Mama's stash that she had just  
the Fido Sew/Quilt Echo.                                                                                    sent home with me. This is the ONLY quilt I finished in 2003. 
Max's Sailboats                                                                         Pat's peacocks 
Made 2002 (?) for a friend's first foster child.                                                       Made around 1995 as a thank you for pat Stockett, the moderator    
I always wanted to make a sailboat quilt and had this cute                                    Fido Cooking.  At the time she had peacocks.  The fabric in the center  
lighthouse/sailboat fabric in my stash that was perfect for the borders.                  of each block has peacocks on it.  Can't remember the pattern name  
                                                                                                                          but it came from Quilt Magazine sometime in the mid 1990's.   
Doll and Sampler                                                                     Tessalations 
Made mid 1995 or 96 as a gift for my Aunt Flo.                                                 Top pieced around 1996.  Quilted in 2002. 
The blocks were made when I was testing different patterns.                               Pattern from Quick Quilts from 95 or 96.